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Resources for Product Sellers

The 2018 MagNut Program begins Oct. 1! Watch for resources and additional information as it becomes available. 


Resources, Training & Forms

For Parents/Girls

2018 MagNut Family Guide
A guide to the MagNut Program  for parents and girls. 

Internet Safety Pledge
Any girl using the internet for Girl Scout-related business should carefully review and sign the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge. 

Safety Tips from Ashdon Farms
Tips on how to safetly participate in the MagNut Program both in person and online. 

2018 Multiple Troop Designation Form
Form for girls participating in multiple troops to complete to properly designate MagNut sales funds. 

MagNut Training for Indies
Learn how your individually registered Girl Scout can fund the fun with MagNut. 

For Troops

Troop MagNut Manager Training Series 

Session 1- MagNut Program Benefits, Safety, and Proceeds
This first training will discuss what girls learn and earn from participating in the MagNut Program, girl and adult safety, and some key initial tasks and dates.

Session 2 – Reach Out Booklets
This short training reviews the Reach Out booklet component of the Program and includes details on correct completion and submission to the Service Unit MagNut Manager.

Session 3- MagNut Program Finances
The third training in this initial online series is all about the financial tasks Troop MagNut Managers need to complete to ensure a successful Program for their troop.   

Session 4 - MagNut Training
This last training is to familiarize you with UNIFY and to show you the tasks you need to complete in the system.  


2018 Troop MagNut Newsletters
Weekly newsletter for Troops that includes answers to your questions, important dates and more!

2018 Troop MagNut Guide
Everything troop leaders and Troop MagNut Managers need to know about the MagNut Program. 

2018 Rally Guide
How to have an awesome rally to get girls and volunteers excited for the MagNut Program. 

2018 MagNut Troop Proceeds Option Agreement
Troops have the option to decide, through unanimous troop vote, to choose additional troop proceeds of 5 percent for the troop treasury instead of recognitions for the MagNut program. Complete this form to accept the additional proceeds option.

Bank Account Information and ACH Authorization Form
This form is to be completed by all GSWPA service units/troops/groups that have been given permission to open a bank account in the council’s name.

2018 ACH MagNut Adjustment Request Form
Form to request an adjustment to the troop's ACH Authorization.

Balance Due Report Form
Use this form to report money owed to the troop or council for the MagNut Program.

Sample Debt Letter
Sample of letter to send to parents with past due MagNut proceed payments.

2018 Multiple Troop Designation Form
Form for girls participating in multiple troops to complete to properly designate MagNut sales funds. 

Troop MagNut Manager Position Description & Agreement
Qualifications and responsibilities of the Troop MagNut Manager position. TMMs must sign this agreement and return it to their Service Unit MagNut Manager. 

For Service Units

Service Unit MagNut Manager Training Series

Session 1 - MagNut Program Benefits, Safety and 2018 Updates
This session covers the benefits of participating in the MagNut Program for girls, girl and adult safety, and what’s new in the MagNut Program this year. 

Session 2 - Products, Participation Options and Materials
The second training will dive into program components: the available products, how girls can participate in the program with online and in-person sales, and the program materials for Service Unit MagNut Managers, Troop MagNut Managers, families and girls. 

Session 3 - Reach Out Booklets
This session covers how the Reach Out booklets are used. 

Session 4 - MagNut Program Finances
The final training session is all about the financial tasks Service Unit MagNut Managers oversee. 

Session 5 - Unify Training for Service Unit MagNut Managers
As a Service Unit MagNut Manager, learn all the tools to monitor, encourage and support each troop using Unify.

2018 MagNut Service Unit Guide
Everything troops need to know about the MagNut program.

2018 Rally Guide
How to have an awesome rally to get girls and volunteers excited for the MagNut Program. 

Service Unit Delivery Site Form
Complete this form to inform council of where you will need your MagNut products to be delivered. 

Service Unit MagNut Manager Agreement
Qualifications, responsibilities and requirements for the Service Unit MagNut Manager volunteer position. 


Other Information

Key Dates & To-Dos
  • Monday, Oct. 1: MagNut Program begins and girls can start taking orders. 
  • Monday, Oct. 23: All nuts & candy orders must be entered in Troop Dashboard by Troop MagNut Managers. Lockout is 11:59 p.m.
    • Also, last day for customers to place online Nut Promise orders
  • Week of Nov. 12: Delivery of nuts & candy for in-person orders. 
Participation Options

Girls and troops can pick the participation option that works best for them!

1. Online. Activate your Girl Scout's personal online sales site and work with her to set her goals and email friends and family. Share her page on Facebook to ask friends and family far and wide to renew magazines or buy a great holiday gift. Or, text a shopping link too! Payment is taken by credit card at the time of the order and products are shipped directly to the customer, so you have no money to collect or products to deliver. And troops earn 2% more with online sales (17% instead of 15% in proceeds)! Take online orders through Nov. 16.  

2. In Person. Take the traditional route and help your Girl Scout go door-to-door in your neighborhood, ask friends where you worship and family to help her reach her goal. (Payment for magazines is due when ordered. Nuts & candy payments are collected when she delivers the product.) Customers can also help your Girl Scout send honey roasted peanuts to the military at-home and overseas by adding a donation to Operation: Sweet Appreciation on their order! Take in-person orders until Oct. 22. Product will be delivered the week of Nov. 12.

3. Both: Mix it up and ask a few neighbors in person, connect with Grandma in another state through Facebook, and text your BFF. 

Troop Proceeds & Girl Benefits

Troop Proceeds
Troops receive 15 percent of all sales, which totaled more than $300,000 last year! Council proceeds are used to subsidize programs and services for our members and maintain our beautiful camps. Plus troops receive an additional 2 percent in troop proceeds for online magazine/photo keepsake, nuts and candy orders.

Service Unit Bonus
Service units with a 10% increase from year-end 2016 MagNut Program sales and a paid balance as-of Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017, receive a 1% bonus for their service unit treasury. 

Girl Scout Bucks and Recognitions
Girls can earn fun Recognitions or can opt for Girl Scout Bucks that may be used for GSWPA camps and programs, service unit-sponsored day camps, Council Shops and Girl Scout registration fees. Girl Scout Bucks earned through Magnut DOUBLE in value when used toward GSWPA-sponsored camps.

Any girl achieving Super Seller status by selling $1,000+ in products will also receive an invitation to the exclusive Super Seller party in the spring aboard Erie's Victorian Princess or Pittsburgh's Gateway Clipper!