Parent Responsibilities During the Cookie Program

Being a Girl Scout parent/guardian during the Cookie Program comes with its own set of responsibilities.

Before your Girl Scout can participate in the Cookie Program, you must sign the Parent/Guardian Permission Form, available from your troop leader or Indie Girl Coordinator.

Show you are a Girl Scout

Get Registered – girls must be registered members of GSUSA to participate in the Cookie Program and Permission Forms must be signed by parent/guardian and submitted to the troop for girls. Girls should wear their membership pin or Girl Scout attire while selling. Girl Scouts are honest and fair and do not begin to take orders before the official start date.

Be safety conscious

Adults must accompany Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies and Juniors while order taking and delivering cookies. Girls in grades 6-12 must be supervised by an adult and should never sell alone. Girls should not enter a home or vehicle while selling or delivering cookies. Be streetwise and be familiar with the areas where you are selling. Follow safe pedestrian procedures.

Cookies and Finances

Parents /guardians are financially responsible for all products on girls order card. Cookies may not be returned or exchanged once the order is placed. Girl Scouts do not collect money at the time of order with the exception of Gift of Caring or Operation: Sweet Appreciation cookies. Customers pay for their products when they are delivered. No payments for cookies are transacted online. Payment is to be made to the troop throughout the sale, by check or money order made out to Girl Scout Troop # as directed by the troop leader. You should obtain a receipt for all payments and cookies. Any fees incurred due to non-negotiable checks will be assessed back to the parent/guardian.

Be Net Wise - Staying Safe Is Our Priority

Girls are permitted to e-mail friends and family to promote their sales and where they can get cookies. Before girls do any online activities, whether sending e-mails to friends and families, visiting the Cookie Club or using social media to promote their cookie sales girls should read and discuss the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge. Girls should print out the pledge and review with parents (or guardians), and sign the pledge together.

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