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Super Seller Event

If your Girl Scout sells 600 or more boxes of cookies, she’ll receive the Super Seller patch AND an exclusive invite to the 2021 Super Seller celebration. 

This year, GSWPA Super Sellers will enjoy the Museum Masquerade Gala, an interactive mystery dinner. This event will include a fun-filled afternoon of mystery, intrigue, and suspense at The Chadwick in Wexford on June 6, 2021. 

Sister Super Sellers
Sisters who team up to sell the required number of packages (see below) will earn an invite to our Super Seller Gala!


  • 2 sisters* = 900 total packages
  • 3 sisters* = 1200 total packages
  • 4 sisters* = 1500 total packages

Please note: The Super Seller event is a girl reward. While attending the event is free for your Super Seller Girl Scout, there is a fee for one accompanying adult, if adult attendance is desired. Adult attendance is not required. Transportation to/from the event is not provided by GSWPA.