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Super Seller Event

If your Girl Scout sells 600 or more boxes of cookies, she’ll receive the Super Seller patch AND an exclusive invite to the 2021 Super Seller celebration. 

This year, GSWPA Super Sellers will enjoy the Museum Masquerade Gala, an interactive mystery dinner. This event will include a fun-filled afternoon of mystery, intrigue, and suspense at The Chadwick in Wexford on June 6, 2021. 

Sister Super Sellers

Have more than one Girl Scout in your household? Sisters can team up for more fun!* If both girls sell a combined total of 900 packages (300 min./girl), both girls will be invited to the Super Seller event.

Have more than two Girl Scouts in your household? For each additional girl, add 300 pkgs to the total (all girls must have a minimum of 300 pkgs assigned to them in eBudde – the cookie management website).

To be invited to the Super Seller Event:
2 girls = 900
3 girls = 1200
4 girls = 1500
… and so on.

*This sister selling opportunity is limited to the Super Seller patch and event ONLY. Girl must meet other reward levels and experiences individually.

Complete the Sister Super Seller form by April 9 to let us know your Girl Scouts met the criteria (we won’t know to invite your Girl Scouts without it!).