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Digital Cookie helps girls run and manage their Girl Scout Cookie business online. It's a fun, easy, and educational addition to her Girl Scout Cookie Program experience.

Excited to jump in? Get movin’ with the Digital Cookie platform in four easy steps:

4 Easy Steps to Get Movin’ with the Digital Cookie™ Platform (PDF)

How Digital Cookie supports her goals

Through Digital Cookie, a girl can:

  • share her cookie story
  • earn rewards
  • access Cookie Business badges online
  • track customer info, orders, and data
  • send cool, ready-to-use marketing emails
  • play games, watch videos, enjoy printable activities, and take fun quizzes
  • use the smart goal-setting calculator
  • make it easy for friends and family near and far to get their favorite Girl Scout Cookies
How to sign her up for Digital Cookie

Watch for your registration email in late December to get started. You can start setting up your girl's site right away, so she'll be ready to go when sales start in January! 

  • Registration emails are specific to each girl and cannot be shared with others. 
  • The email will be sent to the email address identified in your membership profile. 
  • The email will come from “Girl Scout Cookie Program” (

Be sure to check your junk/spam/promotions inbox so your Girl Scout doesn’t miss out on all the fun!

If you do not receive an invitation email by Jan. 1, go to and click the “Forgot password/Need a registration” email link.

More about girl-delivered orders

Through March 11, customers can pay for their cookies with a credit card through Digital Cookie and have your Girl Scout deliver the cookies to their door. Don’t worry—parents must approve these orders for safety and practicality reasons.

  1. Parents receive an email from with the subject “You have a Digital Cookie in-person delivery approval request!” letting the parent know their Girl Scout has received an order for delivery.
  2. The parent must approve this order within five days or risk losing the sale. If the parent has not approved the sale within five days, the customer’s second choice for the order is selected. 
    • The customer’s second choice could be Cancel, Ship, or Donate.
  3. Parents should verify the payment was accepted before making arrangements with the customer for girl delivery.

Girl-delivered orders placed before the initial order is submitted are automatically ordered and should not be added to your Girl Scout’s initial paper order card.  Parents will be able to see which orders were included on the initial order on their Digital Cookie site.

Girl Delivery cookies purchased through Digital Cookie count toward Digital Cookie rewards.  

Digital Cookie tutorials and resources
Digital Cookie Troop Link

The Digital Cookie troop link was conceived as a resource for troops to use if they are having a virtual booth sale and for customers to purchase cookies using the Cookie Finder. Just like a girl does in Digital Cookie, the troop can create a personalized webpage.

 You can create your troop link now in Digital Cookie. Check out this Tip Sheet for guidance.

The Cookie Finder opens on Feb. 18 and will feature published troop links on a random rotation. Customers nationwide can choose to have cookies shipped directly to their door or donated. No delivery required!

Digital Cookie Customer Support
Questions or issues related to Digital Cookie? Visit the Digital Cookie support site to find a solution or request support.

Girl/Parent Digital Cookie Support

Volunteer Digital Cookie Support

Cookie Customer Digital Cookie Support