Girl Scout Leader’s Day

April 22 is Girl Scout Leader's Day!

Girl Scouting wouldn't be possible without our volunteers!

In Girl Scouting, we celebrate April 22 as Leader's Day — and it typically falls during National Volunteers Week too. Please make sure to reach out and thank those volunteers who make Girl Scouting a reality in your family.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Download and print a Girl Scout thank you card.
  • Nominate someone for a Volunteer Recognition Award.
  • Create a collage from the year's events and present it to her/him with a special certificate.
  • Create a slide show or video of your troop in action and share it with your troop volunteers and service unit manager.
  • Celebrate a job well done at a service unit meeting.
  • Say "Thank You." Sometimes that's all you need.
  • Post a "thank you" on Facebook, Twitter or your service unit Web site.
  • If you don't already, lend support in a troop activity.
  • Bake a cake, dinner or make her favorite treat.
  • Make a gift as a small token of your appreciation.
  • Dedicate a service project to your leaders.
  • Design and present a special award or certificate.
  • Do a good deed or random act of kindness for your leader or her family.
  • Live by her/his example. The best thanks a leader can get is seeing the fruits of their labor. Let them see the impact they've had on your life, by being a Girl Scout!
  • Give your leader movie passes, a coupon for dinner out or a subscription to their favorite magazine through our MagNut Program.
  • Have a picture taken of the entire troop for your leader.
  • Make a contribution in your leader’s honor to Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania.
  • Make yard signs that say “A great Girl Scout Leader lives here!"
  • Place an ad in your community newspaper thanking your leaders.
  • Write a letter to the editor about everything your leader inspires in you.
  • Plan a surprise “thank you” party, potluck or tea (and invite the parents!)
  • Announce Girl Scout Leaders Day in your church’s bulletin.
  • Create a display about Girl Scout Leaders for your local library.
  • Send flowers or balloons.
  • Create a scroll with a thank you proclamation signed by the whole troop.
  • Make and present a scrapbook of the troop’s activities or individual scrapbook pages from each girl for their leader - include pictures or draw favorite memories and say why they like being a Girl Scout.
  • Give a festively wrapped Girl Scout cookie box stuffed with thank-you notes from girls, families and others.
  • Print each girl’s picture on fabric and make into a pillowcase or quilt. Use old scout t-shirts for some of the quilt squares. When finished, have the girls sign and date the quilt or pillowcase.
  • Sit in a circle and each share “I’m happy you are my leader because…” or “My favorite Girl Scout memory is…”
  • Hire a cleaning service to clean your leader’s house (with their permission!)
  • Write a poem or a song.
  • Give your leader a “shower” of luxury bath items or gourmet foods.
  • Compose a recipe book with contributions from all the girls in their own words and pictures, and give it to her with samples.
  • Buy her a rolling plastic crate; fill it with fun surprises or treats, but the crate is a great gift for a troop leader as well!
  • Shop for leader appreciation items at the Girl Scout shop nearest you.
  • Make homemade coupons for your leader (i.e., free babysitting, service hours from other parents, etc.)

Visit our Pinterest page for even more fun ways to celebrate national Volunteer Week and Leaders Day!

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