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Rock wall climbing at Camp Conshatawba

Climbing the rock wall at Camp Conshatawba

Camp may be for the girls, but parents are a vital part of our community.

Whether it’s your daughter’s first time at camp, or if she is an old pro, you need to know all the great things Girl Scout camp has to offer. All girls (current Girl Scout or not a Girl Scout at all) are welcome at summer camp. Girls can attend camp on
their own, with a friend or as a part of a troop. There are tons of options!

When selecting a camp, please select a camp based on Fall 2014 grades.

For summer camp confirmation materials, visit this page.

Camp Open Houses

Once your Girl Scout signs up for camp, it’s time to get excited and prepared for your daughter’s camp experience. Camp Open Houses are a perfect opportunity to come to camp and see where your daughter may be staying and meet some of the staff. Girls who attend open houses are familiar with what camp looks like and already have friendly faces they know when they arrive.

General Camp Info

Who are the Camp Staff?

Camps are staffed with activity specialists, a cook, a health supervisor and specialty staff for the horse program and adventure program. These staff members are carefully selected for their skills, as well as how they work with children and adults. They participate in extensive training sessions where they earn appropriate certifications. At CORE Camp, troop or group leaders (or adult volunteers) assume responsibility for Girl Scouts’ Safety Activity Checkpoint ratio and ACA (American Camping Association) standards. We provide lifeguards, NRA (National Rifle Association) instructors and boating instructors — depending upon your camp’s features. You just show up and have fun!

Health and Safety

Your camper’s health/safety is our first priority. Programs are planned and staffed according to the high standards of Girl Scouts of the USA. Healthcare managers direct the health centers at each camp and are supported by on-call services of a local physician and emergency medical center. If your camper is on medication, the healthcare manager will administer and document it. Campers (regardless of age) must turn in all medication (in the original container) to the healthcare manager upon arrival at camp.

Meals at Camp

All camp meals are prepared by camp staff and served in a dining hall facility. Menus are kid-friendly with options. Based on the camp session’s theme, a cookout may occur. All campers receive an evening snack. Milk is available at all meals. Campers will participate in cleanup activities after each meal. All summer camp programs provide meals unless otherwise noted.

Program Disclaimer

We reserve the right to cancel any program activity when weather conditions are unsuitable, to include but not limited to, extreme heat, thunderstorms, etc. Refunds are not given when activities are cancelled as a result of Acts of God.

Visitors and Phone Calls

For safety reasons, access to camp properties is limited when camp is in session. Mail from home is welcome and will be delivered daily. Parents may leave mail at check-in for delivery during the session. Please include the following information in all mail you send: session name, session date and camper’s name. In the event of any emergency or change in plans, please call the camp director. Camp phone numbers will be provided with your confirmation materials, and camp directors will contact the parents in case of an emergency or illness. Please note: camp phones are limited to camp business only.

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