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GSWPA Camps Open to Troops for Day Use

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Troops can now utilize our camp properties for day-use rentals! Rentals at each of our camps, Camp ConshatawbaCamp Hawthorne RidgeCamp Redwing, and Camp Skymeadow, are available from October 15-November 25 and December 14-23. 

All activities and meetings are required to be outside, and rentals are limited to one troop at each camp property daily with a maximum group size of 25. Two small troops from the same service unit may share a camp rental with a maximum of 25 individuals. Normal rental fees apply. Troops will have access to all outdoor camp facilities with a designated restroom, allowing the troop to spread out for activities. There will not be any kits, equipment, accessories, or other rentals at this time.

Existing family weekend rentals will be honored and there may be up to one family group at camp during the weekend. Camp Rangers will inform visiting troops of any groups overlapping to allow the different groups to use separate areas of the camp.

Check-in will be done via text message or phone call. Staff will be on-call for emergency assistance only and will not available to help with campfires or other similar tasks.

Troops will inform Camp Rangers of all outdoor spaces used, and maintenance staff will sanitize all spaces after rental. Cleaning supplies will be provided for troops to clean restrooms and they will be stored in the designated restroom/building.

To ensure maintenance staff have ample time to sanitize between groups, troops are asked to plan their arrivals no earlier than 11 a.m. Earlier arrivals may be accommodated if no rentals occurred the day prior and should be arranged directly with the Camp Ranger.

Troops visiting camp should follow current guidlines from the PA Department of Health and CDC regarding gatherings, facemasks, and social distancing. You can review COVID-19 Update page for council-specific guidance.

Troops should have an adult leader with First Aid/CPR. All troops should bring a first aid kit when visiting camp. Troops are not required to have a leader with Outdoor Skills training to visit camp at this time as we are unable to provide in-person or virtual training. Troops should follow all Safety Activity Checkpoints outlined in Volunteer Essentials for planned activities in keeping with Girl Scout standards and policies

Troops are welcome to bring their own recreational equipment. Here are suggestions on what to bring:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Closed-Toe Shoes or Hiking boots
  • Outdoor sports equipment: Frisbees, volleyballs, soccer balls, etc.
  • Bicycles with helmets
  • Board games
  • Yard games
  • Fishing gear (for camps with fishing areas)
  • Camera
  • Requirements for Outdoor badges and Girl Scout Outdoor Award.
  • Get Outdoors Summer Challenge Checklist
  • Sunscreen and bug repellent
  • Smile and s’more supplies!

Rental information for 2021 will be posted on our website once it's available. Memory Lodge at Camp Conshatawba and Evergreen Lodge at Camp Skymeadow will be unavailable until May 2021 due to remodeling projects. We appreciate your patience as we continue to assess the situation and work to provide the safest outcomes for our membership.


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