General Camp Info

Camp Staff

Our camps are staffed with activity specialists, a cook, a health supervisor and specialty staff for the horse programs and adventure programs. Staff members are carefully selected for their skills as well as how they work with children and adults. They participate in weeklong training sessions where they earn appropriate certifications. At CORE Camp, troop or group leaders or adult volunteers assume responsibilitiy of girls for Safety Activity Checkpoints ratio and ACA (American Camp Association) standards.

We provide lifeguards, NRA (National Rifle Association) instructors and boating and canoeing instructors -- depending upon your camp's features. You just show up and have fun!

Sleeping Bag

Where Will Campers Sleep?

Campers usually sleep in platform tent units – consisting of five to 10 large canvas tents with raised wooden floors. Each unit has a covered shelter and washhouse. Campers may request to stay with one friend who registers for the same session. If you come with your troop to CORE camp or with an adult to family programs, you’ll be placed together.

Our camps also offers yurts and lodges; and these are noted in the program descriptions. A yurt holds four to eight campers. Each unit contains a fire circle, bathhouse and covered shelter. Lodges accommodate up to 40 campers and provide a kitchen area, bathroom, and common area for sleeping. All campers have access to shelter in inclement weather.

Health and Safety

All camp programs are planned and staffed according to the high standards of Girl Scouts of the USA. Healthcare managers direct the health centers at each camp and are supported by on-call services of a local physician and emergency medical center. If a camper is on medication, the healthcare manager will administer and document it. Campers must turn in all medication (in the original container) to the healthcare manager upon arrival at camp.

Health histories are required for all participants at all programs. Physical exams are required for programs lasting more than two nights. Once a girl registers, she’ll receive all necessary forms in the mail. Full confirmation packets are available here. So that we can provide the best possible experience for your camper, please note any special needs, disabilities or dietary restrictions on her registration form under “special needs”. This helps us to establish appropriate staffing and any additional accommodations that a camper may require. Download the Girl Health Information form or the Adult Health History form so that physical exams can be scheduled in a timely manner for those needing them.

Visitors / Phone Calls

For safety reasons, access to Girl Scout camp properties is limited when camp is in session. Mail from home is welcome and delivered daily. Parents can leave mail at check-in for delivery during the session to eliminate concerns over the timeliness of postal deliveries.

In the event of a home emergency or change in pick-up plans, please call the camp director. Camp phone numbers will be provided in your confirmation materials. Camp directors will contact parents in case of emergency or illness. Camp phones are limited to camp business only; however girls who wish to bring a cell phone or iPod to resident camp may have scheduled times to use these while at camp. Like all personal belongings, these are the responsibility of each camper.


It is natural for children to experience homesickness while away from home and their regular routine. Our trained staff will work with campers to help alleviate their symptoms. Campers are not immediately sent home when they experience homesickness. Parents will be contacted at the discretion of the Camp Director.

Talk to your camper before camp about some of the things that will be different from home. Campers are very in tune with the feelings of parents. If you are anxious she will be as well. They may be exposed to new sights, sounds and people. Talk about what will happen at camp to help alleviate fears: making new friends, participating in activities, having fun and receiving mail. Do not make promises that she can go home whenever she wants. Please encourage her to have the confidence to enjoy her experiences at camp and have the courage to be open to new friends and activities. Camp will give your child time to grow. She will come back to you with pride in herself and eager to share the new skills she has learned.

Family Involvement

Parents or guardians can help a girl prepare for camp by:

  • helping her to select from the resident, CORE or day camp programs for the one that meets her interests and availability
  • encouraging a friend to join her at camp
  • viewing our camp photos on our camp Facebook pages
  • touring camp at any of our Camp Open Houses, scheduled in the spring.
  • reviewing the confirmation packet materials together

We also offer opportunities for female and male parents or a significant adult family member to join their girl at camp – for a few hours, an overnight or more. Family programs are ideal if there is a high interest by troop parents in attending CORE camp programs. Some end-of-camp programs also invite family members to special performances, so be sure to read all of our program descriptions.


All council programs and services are subsidized through proceeds from the Cookie Program and MagNut Program -- and through the generosity of our donors to ensure that our prices remain highly competitive and affordable. Additional scholarships also available and can be requested by completing the Scholarship Form.

A Typical Day at Camp

In addition to the themed activities for each particular camp program, all Girl Scout sessions offer these common elements:

  • Campers participate in activities that are available at their particular camp. This may include swimming, hiking, arts and crafts, songs, games, campfires, etc. as part of their overall outdoor experience.
  • Girl Scout traditions such as flag ceremonies mark the beginning and end of each day.
  • Three well-balanced meals are served in the dining hall. Cookouts may also occur. All campers receive an evening snack and milk is available at all meals.
  • Campers participate in kapers (camp chores) in her own living area and in shared areas. Girls care for equipment and facilities while at camp.

Program activities may vary or be cancelled due to weather conditions, campers’ needs and interests, and/or health and safety precautions.

Program Disclaimer

Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania reserves the right to cancel any program or program activity when weather conditions are unsuitable – including extreme heat, thunderstorms, etc. Refunds are not given when activities are cancelled as a result of “Acts of God.”

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