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Additional Awards

Leader in Action (LiA) - Cadettes

Cadettes can earn a Leader in Action (LiA) award by assisting a Brownie group on any of their National Leadership Journeys. More information about earning this award is available in the Girls' Guide to Girl Scouting.

Program Aide - Cadettes

Have you always wanted to be a mentor to younger girls? Do you want to be a role model and inspiration--and to have a lasting impact in a girl's life? Girl Scout Cadettes have exciting opportunities to share their skills, passions, and experience with younger Girl Scouts! As a Program Aide, you'll develop your leadership skills, learn age level communication techniques, and tips for planning and leading activities for younger girls.

To become a Program Aide:

1. Earn a LiA (Leader in Action) Award. 

2. Complete the Program Aide Training. The training includes leadership training and learning to work with children. To find upcoming tranings, check out Activities calendar, or contact Amber Carson at to arrange a training.

3. Work directly with younger Girl Scouts over six activity sessions to complete 25 internship hours. How this happens for each girl may vary. This can be assisting girls on Journey activites (in addition to what you have already done for your LiA), badge activites, troop meetings, or other activites. You can also help out at day camps. Join the Program Aide Network and GSWPA will contact you when Program Aide opportunities are available. 

Counselors-in-Training - Seniors & Ambassadors

As seasoned Girl Scouts, Seniors and Ambassadors have exciting opportunities to mentor younger girls in a camp setting and build skills toward becoming a camp counselor.

Both Seniors and Ambassadors can earn the Counselor-in-Training I award by taking a leadership course on outdoor experiences and working with younger girls over the course of a camp session or through a CIT program. Once the CIT I award is completed, Ambassadors can earn the Counselor-in-Training II award by continuing to build their skills and focusing on a specific area, like riding instruction, lifeguarding or the arts. Steps to earning both awards are outlined in the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting.