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Submitting your Annual Finance Report

New for 2023!

There are exciting new changes to the Annual Finance Report!

  1. Choose how you want to complete your Annual Finance Report.
    • Categories: As in previous years, you can compile your spending into specified categories. 
    • Check Registry: Itemize income and expenses in this easy-to-use form
  2. Update your report throughout the year.
    • Start today! The NEW Annual Volunteer Finance Report is now available. You will also find it on the  Forms page of our website.
    • Save as you go! Update your report throughout the year. A link will be sent to you so that you can continue the report later.

Finance Workshops for 2023

  1. Girl Scout Finances, Introducing the 2023 Annual Finance Report (Fall)
  2. Completing your 2023 Annual Finance Report (Spring)
    • Wednesday, April 19 at 7 p.m.
    • Saturday, April 22 at noon

Annual Finance Reports: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

  1. Please submit your report online using the fill-in form.
  2. The Annual Finance Report can be used to complete:
    • The 2022 Annual Finance Reports,
    • The 2023 Annual Finance Reports,
    •  Disbanding Troop Final Reports
  3. Upload all statements you have from June 2022-May 2023.
    • Upload as you go! Statements may be uploaded throughout the year. Remember to save before leaving the form.
    • If there was no activity on your account, you may not have received a statement and you do not need to upload one for that month.
    • Upload any supplemental material such as clarifying documents or cash receipts.