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Camp Song Resource Guide

Camp songs are a wonderful Girl Scout tradition, and now you can join in the fun! Here’s all you need to sing and dance along to three classic Girl Scout camp songs: "The Turkey Song," "The Alligator Song," and "The Muffin Song."

Below you can find printable lyrics, mp3 audio files and videos with on-screen lyrics to help you learn the words and moves to each song. (Closed Captioning must be enabled on YouTube videos in order to view on-screen lyrics.) We've also included tips for teaching girls the songs, and how to incorporate camp songs into the Girl Scout Journeys at every level. 

"The Alligator Song"

Lyrics   |    Audio (mp3)


"The Muffin Song"

Lyrics   |    Audio (mp3)


"The Turkey Song"

Lyrics   |    Audio (mp3)


Tips for teaching songs to girls:

  • Know the song: Practice singing the song a few times by yourself, or with a family member or friend.
  • Repeat-after-me: Whether the song is a "repeat-after-me" song or not, you can teach it "repeat-after-me" style before singing it the entire way through.
  • Break up the lines: Try signing one line at a time yourself to make it easier to repeat back and to learn.
  • Recruit help: Ask another leader or volunteer who knows the song to help you teach the songs to the girls. Just in case you suddenly forget some of the words, you'll have someone there to help back you up. Make sure you do a quick run-through with your song singing team, since different camps have different versions and styles of the same song


Ways to Connect:

Camp songs can fit into every level of Girl Scouting! Check out some ways you can incorporate these songs into Girl Scout Journeys.


  • It’s Your Story Journey
    Three Cheers for Animals: Sing the Turkey and Alligator songs to learn about new animals.


  • Girl Scout Ways Badge
    Sing Everywhere: Learn three new Girl Scout songs.
  • My Best Self Badge
    Know what to do if something bugs you: Songs can help us when something “bugs us.” Learn and sing these three songs and do the movements, or make up your own movements.  
  • Dancer Badge
    Warm up and get moving: Make your warm-up animal themed. Learn these cool Girl Scout songs and move like an alligator and a turkey. Use your imagination!


  • Girl Scout Ways Badge
    Match songs to an occasion, make up a song to share a message: Listen to these three classic Girl Scout songs. All of them are silly and fun. Can your rewrite these songs to make them different? Can you write your own Girl Scout Song?


  • Girl Scout Ways Badge
    Lead a group in a song: Organize a song fest. Start with learning these three songs and hold a special song fest. Then, help Brownie Girl Scouts earn their Girl Scout Ways Badge by teaching them the three new songs.
  • Cadette Service Bar to Girl Scouts
    Cadette Scouts can work to earn their Service Bar by working with other Girl Scouts for 25 hours. How about helping other girls learn new songs and Girl Scout traditions? Think about “adopting” a younger troop and forming a lasting sisterhood.


  • Make Your Own Badge
    Do you like songs? Have you ever dreamed of being a songwriter? How about making your own songwriting badge? Be creative and let your songwriting dreams soar.
  • Girl Scout Ways Music
    Explore Girl Scout music – have you heard of these three Girl Scout songs?


  • Girl Scout Ways
    Use songs to bring people together or spread a message - organize a songfest for younger Girl Scouts, bring generations together in song.