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Be a Girl Scout Champion!


Girl Scout Champions play a vital role in helping to spread the word about how awesome it is to be a Girl Scout! Girl Scout Champions introduce Girl Scouting to new girls and adults within their own communities whether it be hosting local events, sending information to schools, or just bringing flyers and brochures to libraries. Girl Scout Champions have the power to educate their community about how both girls and adults can join Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania!

View the position description of a Girl Scout Champion.


Girl Scout Champion Guide

Girl Scout Champions are volunteers who work directly with council staff to invite girls and adults in their communities to Girl Scouts. 

We need inspiring volunteers (like you!) to spread the word about joining Girl Scouts to girls and families, and to help place new members in troops.

Girls can get involved, too! Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Girl Scouts can earn our new Go-Getter patch by working with GSWPA staff to host their own recruitment event. Through sharing how they are a go-getter, risk-taker, innovator, and leader, girls will not only inspire future Girl Scouts, but also hone important skills that will benefit them long into their bright futures!

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Interest Form

If becoming a Girl Scout Champion sounds like an good opportunity for you or you’d like to talk to a staff member about it, fill out this quick form and a member of our recruitment team will contact you soon! 

Training Information

Part of becoming a Girl Scout Champion is attending a training hosted by recruitment staff. You’ll learn how to talk to girls, their parents/guardians, and other interested adults about Girl Scouts, what activities you can do at recruitment events to engage girls, and what resources are available to you to support your work as a Champion. Check out the Activities list here to search for the next training. 

Flyer Request Form

Our volunteers play a vital role in helping us spread the word about how great it is to be a Girl Scout! We've put together a ton of great resources that you can download and share to get girls and parents to stop and take notice, whether it's at school, a recruitment event or on social media. Click on the link above to access the full recruitment guide and links to resources, or complete this flyer request form for your upcoming recruitment event. 

Join us on Rallyhood

As a Girl Scout Champion, you’ll have access to the Girl Scout Champion rally in Rallyhood. This is a virtual space where you can connect with other Girl Scout Champions, get tips from recruitment staff, and find resources like activity materials for events. Click here to request to join the Champion rally!