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Adult Awards

Let's celebrate the outstanding work of our Girl Scout volunteers!
Nominate the outstanding volunteers in your area for a national Girl Scouts award. To determine which award best suits your volunteer's accomplishments and for nomination criteria, refer to the Adult Awards Fact Sheet.

2020-2021 Adult Award Recipients

Appreciation Pin

Amy McCracken, Bushy Run
Sandra DaRe, Trefoil
Barbara Liwosz, NA East
Jennifer Richart, NA East
John Pivetz, Bethel South
Dana Pierrard, Tingoocqua
Elizabeth Fulton, Tingoocqua
Elisha Marshall, Firefly
Cara Host, Firefly
Vanja Kvarnstrom, North Rolling Hills
Kelly Bossola, Pine Richland
Michelle Longmore, Brentwood
Heather Naugle, Deer Valley
Jill Harlan, Deer Valley
Emily Rankin, Highlands
Tracie Rexrode, Raceway

Honor Pin

Lillian Marquez, GHBA
Gail Brooks, GlenOaks
Barbara Thaw, GlenOaks
Sylvia McGaughey, GlenOaks

President's Award

Nicole Moore, Fairview
Laura Symes, Fairview
Brian Kornish, Shaler
Jennifer Heyl, Shaler
Judith Becki, Shaler
Sandy McPeak, Shaler
Amber Mateo, Brentwood
Holly Peters, Brentwood
Janis Briner, Brentwood
Joanna Kail, Brentwood
Cynthia Smith, Brentwood
Mary Ann McSwigan, Brentwood
Amy Stoebe, West Mifflin
Andrew White, West Mifflin
Charlene Filsaime, West Mifflin
Frank Salka, West Mifflin
Jessica Schreiner, West Mifflin
Margaret Stanley, West Mifflin
Sara White, West Mifflin


2019-2020 Adult Award Recipients

Appreciation Pin

Erin Lisak, Bethel South
Amy Wassil, Bethel South
Heather Ambrose, Bushy Run
Jennifer Bell, Central Westmoreland
Catherine Campbell, Central Westmoreland
Christa  Griffith, Central Westmoreland
Christina Kline, Central Westmoreland
Jennifer Vinson, Clarion
Deborah Phillips, Indiana
Glayna  Reynolds, Lakeview
Julie Smialowski, Millcreek
Kimberly Prete, Mt. Lebanon
Michele Wilson, Mt. Lebanon
Bethany Hughes, National Pike
Laurie Cybulski, Pittsburgh East
Curtis Stratman, Pittsburgh East
Joan Henry, Richland Valley
Jennifer Naylor, Richland Valley
Jennifer Smith, Richland Valley
Linda Griffiths, West Jefferson Hills
Laura Raderman, West Jefferson Hills
Michele Boback, Westmont Johnstown

Honor Pin

Kathy Shaffer, Mercer
Holly Mihaly, Millcreek
Nancy Carolan, Norwin

President's Award

Viki Berger, Mercer
Melanie Haggard, Mercer
April Kohnen, Mercer
Kelsey Marsh, Mercer
Lori Pears, Mercer
Angela Reda, Mercer
Kathy Shaffer, Mercer
Cathy Dayton, Richland Valley
Kaylee Dayton, Richland Valley
Kayla Kachur, Richland Valley
Jennifer Naylor, Richland Valley
Carrie Rose, Richland Valley
Stephanie Winkleman, Richland Valley

Thanks I

Darla Burket, Glendale

Volunteer of Excellence

Denise Alford, Albion Springfield
Rebecca Black, Allegheny Mohawk
Billie Jo Jendry, Allegheny Mohawk
Amy Barnhart, Baldwin Whitehall
Jennifer Santaguido, Baldwin Whitehall
Roseanne Nyczaj, Bethel Central
Lea Uhl, Bethel Central
Melissa Fink, Blairsville Homer City
Misty Griffen, Blairsville Homer City
Heather Ambrose, Bushy Run
Wendy Chamberlin, Bushy Run
Brenda Gierlach, Cascade United
Kelley Audia, Central Westmoreland
Joseph Boley, Central Westmoreland
Catherine Campbell, Central Westmoreland
Anne Dolinski, Central Westmoreland
Nathaniel Fresch, Central Westmoreland
Lisa Glessner, Central Westmoreland
Sherry Grimme, Central Westmoreland
Christine Handke, Central Westmoreland
Kim Hunter, Central Westmoreland
Ceil Kessler, Central Westmoreland
Denise Martz, Central Westmoreland
Elaine Planic, Central Westmoreland
Michelle Richardson, Central Westmoreland
Kathryn Rivera, Central Westmoreland
Sandi Stevenson, Central Westmoreland
Julie Tinney, Central Westmoreland
Patricia Visnick, Central Westmoreland
Linda Whipple, Central Westmoreland
Melissa Wilson, Central Westmoreland
Theresa Woodring, Central Westmoreland
Tammy LaCross, Clarion
Patricia DeWalt, Crawford County
Dominique Karis, Ellwood
Linda Linderman, Ellwood
Susan Engle, GHBA
Sue Martin, Greater Erie
Laura Miller, Greater Pittsburgh
Leah Popson, Greene
Michele Fairman, Indiana
Cathy Jones, Indiana
Rebecca Knight, Indiana
Maryjean Letham, Indiana
Dianna  Morris, Indiana
Alexandra Steenbergen, Indiana
Sarah Gertsch, Kinzua Country
Janet Ammon, Laurel
Laurel Brest, Laurel
Heidi Cunningham, Laurel
Heather Auer, Laurel Crawford
Lisa Evans, Laurel Crawford
Beatrice Blenner, Millcreek
Heather Westcott, Mohawk
Tatiana Brower, Morning Star
Laura Obyc, Morning Star
Kathryn Elphinstone, Mt. Lebanon
Caroline Lascek, Mt. Lebanon
Charlene Oliveros, Mt. Lebanon
Kimberly Prete, Mt. Lebanon
Laura Teufel, Mt. Lebanon
Leighann Marquiss, NA West
Melissa Abbott, National Pike
Susanne Bryne, National Pike
Patricia Hawthorne, National Pike
Julia Perkins, North Rolling Hills
Amanda Andreano, Northern Star
Jenny Muzy, Norwin
Erika Levarse, Oakmont Verona
Candice Brink, Penns Manor
Sabrina Cramer, Penns Manor
Kira Elbel, Punxsutawney
Leslie Geist, Punxsutawney
Amanda Foster Ward, Purchase Line
Deborah Bouch, Rambling Roads
Joy Dean, Rambling Roads
Katherine Gaber, Reynolds
Cathy Dayton, Richland Valley
Julie Hart, Ridgeway
Amanda Britt, Ringgold Charleroi
Shannon Miller, South Butler
Ellie Babcock, St. Marys
Tracey Spencer, Timberlake Trails
Courtney Shumac, Wattsburg
Janelle Hayes, West Jefferson Hills
Lauren Lazzari, Westmont Johnstown


Nomination Forms

President's Award Nomination Form
Recognizes the efforts of a service-delivery team or committee whose exemplary service in support of delivering the Girl Scout Leadership Experience surpassed team goals and resulted in significant, measurable impact toward reaching the council’s overall goals. Nomination deadline: Feb. 1.

Volunteer of Excellence Nomination Form 
Recognizes those volunteers who have contributed outstanding service while partnering directly with girls in any pathway to implement the Girl Scout Leadership Experience through use of the national program portfolio or who have contributed outstanding service in support of the council’s mission delivery to girl and adult members. Nominations can be submitted at any time.

Appreciation Pin Nomination Form 
Recognizes an individual’s exemplary service in support of delivering the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. This service, which has had measureable impact on one geographic area of service, helps reach and surpass the mission-delivery goals of the area. Nomination deadline: Feb. 1.

Honor Pin Recognition Nomination Form 
Recognizes an individual’s exemplary service in support of delivering the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, which has had measurable impact on two or more geographic areas of service, allowing the council to reach and surpass its mission-delivery goals. Nomination deadline: Feb. 1.

Thanks Badge I and II Nomination Form 
Honors an individual whose ongoing commitment, leadership, and service have had an exceptional, measurable impact on meeting the mission-delivery goals and priorities of the entire council or the entire Girl Scout Movement. Nomination deadline: Feb. 1.

Letters of Endorsement for Volunteer Recognition Nominees Endorsement letters should be provided to the nominator and should include the following:

  • Name of nominee
  • Title of award recognition
  • How the letter writer knows the nominee and for how long
  • How the nominee has met the level of service required to receive the recognition
  • Specific examples of the nominee’s performance which explain how the service was beyond the expectations listed in the role description
  • How the nominee’s contributions have benefited Girl Scouts
  • Comments or other information that might be helpful to review committee
  • Name of the person writing the letter with phone number and/or email address for future contact