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Council Governance


Board of Directors

Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania is governed by a board of directors, which provides strategic leadership, advocacy, decision-making, partnerships and policy development/oversight. It also includes three non-voting girl members, who are part of the Girl Advisory Committee.

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Lois Kuttesch, Board Chair (Cranberry Township)
Mary Beth Taylor, First Vice Chair (Pittsburgh)
Dot Brookes, Treasurer (Cranberry Township)
Victoria Kush, Secretary (Cranberry Township)
Pat Burkart, GSWPA Chief Executive Officer (Pittsburgh)

Jon Colburn (Pittsburgh)
Hilliary Creely (Indiana)
Missa Murry Eaton (Sharon)
Kathi Finch (Sewickley)  
Amy Lynn Haller (Pittsburgh)
Nicole King Yohe (Pittsburgh)
Mary Kohler (Wexford)
Camille Kovach (Harrison City)
Michelle Maccagnan (Gibsonia)
Dana Pascarella (Pittsburgh)
John Polacek (Johnstown)
Claudia Reed (Cresson)
Kelly M. Ryan (Clarion)
Andrea Stapleford (Warren)

Girl Advisory Committee
Verity Green (New Castle)
Katherine Stancil (Gibsonia)
Jessica Smith (Pittsburgh)

Council Delegates

Members 14 years and older may serve as council delegates and participate in the council democratic process. Delegates provide guidance and input to the board of directors on major issues and policies affecting the future of the council and communicates those issues and policies to Service Unit members.

Delegate Position Description
Delegate Election Procedure
Delegate Guide
Blue Book of Basic Documents

For more information about becoming a board delegate, please contact

Annual Meeting

Held each spring, the Annual Meeting is for all members 14 years and older. In 2018, the Annual Meeting was held on Saturday, April 14.

• Receive updates on council business and governance decisions made by the Board of Directors;

• Delegates vote on the Board of Directors Slate and Bylaws;

• See some of our outstanding volunteers receive awards

Representation by members in every Service Unit encourages informed decision-making and improved two-way communication.

2018 Annual Meeting Minutes

2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

2016 Annual Meeting Minutes

2015 Annual Meeting Minutes

GSWPA Form 990

2016-17 Annual Report

Fall Town Hall Meetings

The purpose of the GSWPA Town Hall Meetings is to provide members (adults and girls 14 years and older) with the opportunity to:

  • receive updates and provide input into council policy and governance decisions made by the Board of Directors;
  • help set and support the strategic goals of the council;
  • and provide feedback and participate in discussions and forums necessary to ensure consistent, quality service-delivery of the Girl Scout program to members of Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania.

Representation by members in every service unit encourages informed decision-making and improved two-way communication.

2018 Fall Town Hall Report


2017 Fall Town Hall Report

2016 Fall Town Hall Q&As

National Convention

Thousands of girls and those who support them will come together from around the world October 23-25, 2020 to attend G.I.R.L. 2020 in Orlando, Florida.

Hosted by Girl Scouts of the USA, the mega event will provide attendees with unforgettable experiences as they gain inspiration, tools to empower themselves, and the know-how to lead change in their communities—connecting with some of the most influential women in the world along the way. So awesome!

Camp Decision Leadership Meetings

A total of 152 members (121 adults and 31 girls) attended the leadership meetings throughout our council in February to discuss the camp closure decision, and how we can work in partnership to provide meaningful and fun programs, including outdoors and camp programs, to more Girl Scouts across western Pennsylvania. Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and ideas.  

Didn't make it to a meeting? View the Power Point presentation to see what was discussed.