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Council Governance


Board of Directors

Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania is governed by a board of directors, which provides strategic leadership, advocacy, decision-making, partnerships, and policy development/oversight. It also includes three non-voting girl members, who are part of the Girl Advisory Committee.

Name (Residency, Term Ending)

Dot Brookes, Board Chair (Cranberry Township, 2023)
Nicole King Yohe, Vice Chairwoman (Zelienople, 2023)
Michelle Maccagnan, Treasurer (Allison Park, 2023)
Jon Colburn, Secretary (Pittsburgh, 2023)

Christina S. Brussalis (Gibsonia, 2024)
Vaughn Cook (Pittsburgh, 2024)
Linda DeJulio (Pittsburgh, 2022)
Kathi Finch (Sewickley, 2023) 
Mary Kohler (Wexford, 2023)
Camille Kovach (Harrison City, 2022)
Julie Kresge (Erie, 2024)
Victoria Kush (Cranberry Township, 2024)
Lois Kuttesch (Cranberry Township, 2024)
Monica D. Lamar (Pittsburgh, 2024)
Cindy Pezze (Murrysville, 2022)
Jennifer Price (Murrysville, 2023)
Claudia Reed (Cresson, 2022)
Richard W. Siergiej (Monaca, 2023)
Andrea Stapleford (Warren, 2022)
Rebecca (Becca) Stiger (Allison Park, 2023)
Mary Lou Vargo (Pittsburgh, 2022)

Girl Advisory Committee
Asia Broughton (Pittsburgh, 2023)
Sophia Menke (Wexford, 2023)

Girl Advisory Committee

The Girl Advisory Committee is responsible for bringing a girl-member voice to business meeting topics. These girl members serve on the Board of Directors as non-voting members. They attend quarterly meetings and trainings of the Board of Directors and the Annual Meeting held each spring. View the Girl Advisory Committee Member position description

Interested in joining our Girl Advisory Committee (2-year term)?
To apply, please complete the Girl Advisory Committee Application.

Girl Advisory Committee
Name (Residency, Term Ending)
Asia Broughton (Pittsburgh, 2023)
Sophia Menke (Wexford, 2023)

Council Delegates

Members 14 years and older may serve as Council Delegates and participate in the council democratic process. Council Delegates participate in Town Hall meetings, engage in discussions on major issues, interact with service unit members and gather input that affects policy influencing. Delegates also attend the Annual Meeting to review financial reports, vote on Board of Director candidates and give broad, general direction to the Board of Directors as it strives to make the most appropriate policy decisions. 

Learn more about the Council Delegate position.

Potential or current Council Delegates can find background information on the overall roles and responsibilities of council governance and management  and a brief explanation of the council policy structure and what role Council Delegates have in that structure. To help Council Delegates participate fully in Annual Meeting, view some basic rules of parliamentary procedure

View the Blue Book of Basic Documents
View the current Bylaws (updated 6.14.19)

For more information about becoming a board delegate, please contact


Our bylaws outline the rules of Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania, established by the Board of Directors. The bylaws define our organization's purpose, members, board, officers, committees and meetings. 

Changes to the bylaws are proposed and voted upon at the Annual Meeting held in April each year.  

View current bylaws (updated 6.02.20).

Annual Meeting

The 2023 Annual Meeting will be held Saturday, April 15, 2023.

The Annual Meeting is for all members 14 years and older to:

  • Receive updates on council business and governance decisions made by the Board of Directors;
  • Delegates vote on the Board of Directors Slate and Bylaws;
  • See some of our outstanding volunteers receive awards

Representation by members in every Service Unit encourages informed decision-making and improved two-way communication.

View the 2020-2021 Annual Report

IRS Form 990

2021 Annual Meeting Minutes

2020 Annual Meeting Minutes

2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

2018 Annual Meeting Minutes

2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

2016 Annual Meeting Minutes

2015 Annual Meeting Minutes

Fall Town Hall Meetings

The purpose of the GSWPA Town Hall Meetings is to provide members (adults and girls 14 years and older) with the opportunity to:

  • receive updates and provide input into council policy and governance decisions made by the Board of Directors;
  • help set and support the strategic goals of the council;
  • and provide feedback and participate in discussions and forums necessary to ensure consistent, quality service-delivery of the Girl Scout program to members of Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania.

Representation by members in every service unit encourages informed decision-making and improved two-way communication.

2021 Fall Town Hall Report

2020 Fall Town Hall Report

2019 Fall Town Hall Report

2018 Fall Town Hall Report

2017 Fall Town Hall Report

2016 Fall Town Hall Q&As

National Convention

Phenom: 2023 Girl Scout Convention

Calling all innovators, problem solvers, phenoms, and doers (that’s you!)—join us for a national gathering of changemakers from across the country in July 2023 at Disney World Resort. Get ready to spark new ideas, make friends, have fun, and create something incredible.

This event is open to all, including Girl Scout members, non-members, alums, and families. The national convention only happens every three years, so you don’t want to miss it. Learn more and register today.