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MagNut Program

MagNut - Fall Product Program

The Fall 2021 MagNut Program begins Oct. 1.

More resources will be added as they become available.

The MagNut Program not only starts the year off with extra funds—it starts it off with extra FUN! (MagNut stands for magazines, nuts, and candy.) 

Set up her online sales site

The MagNut program is a safe, simple, and fun way for troops to earn proceeds for future Girl Scout adventures and for girls to build their entrepreneurial business skills while they manage and run their own online storefront!

Through the MagNut program, she can run her own business in-person, online, or a blend of both!

  • Following local safety guidelines, girls can collect in-person orders from friends, family, and more by using her order card.
  • New this year! Additional printer-friendly order cards are available to share with friends and family to minimize contact. Request a printable order card from your troop leader or troop MagNut manager that features 16 yummy treats, including the collectible Chickadee tin and cool vintage uniform tin that make great holiday gifts!
  • Girls can create their personalized storefront in M2, send emails to friends and family, and collect online orders. 

Participating in the MagNut program can be a completely ONLINE experience for your Girl Scout!


  • Magazines are digital orders, and nuts and candies can be ordered online and shipped directly to customers. If a customer requests girl delivery, coordinate a socially distanced, no-contact drop off.
  • Girls can print business cards with their unique, online storefront link to promote their MagNut business. Also, keep an eye out for printable order cards from GSWPA.

Your girl's MagNut Campaign Headquarters is full of fun ways to drum up business. Girls can:

  • Create an avatar that looks like her, then record a MagNut message and the avatar will speak along to it.
  • Record a video message to inspire customers to support your girl's goals. She could share her plans for proceeds and ideas for great uses for MagNut products. (Pro tip: Nuts and candies are perfect holiday gifts for teachers, school bus drivers, mail carriers, and more!)
  • Print and leave doorhangers and business cards around your neighborhood to remind everyone that you’re ready for their order!
  • Upload email contacts to send already written marketing emails to friends and family.

She can earn funds, learn essential skills, and stay connected to her Girl Scout sisters when she jumps into the MagNut experience.

2021 MagNut Program Key Dates & To-Dos

2021 MagNut Program Key Dates & To-Dos:

  • Friday, Oct. 1: MagNut Program begins. Direct order taking starts, online storefronts go live, and girls send emails or share their links with friends and family.
  • Monday, Oct. 18: Parents enter in-person nut/candy orders by 11:59 p.m.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 19 - Wednesday, Oct. 20: Troop in-person nut/candy entry due by 11:59 p.m. There is no submit button.
  • Week of Nov. 8-11: Nuts/candy delivered.
  • By Monday, Nov. 15: Submit a new ACH form (if needed).
  • Sunday, Nov. 28: Online sales end at 11:59 p.m.
  • Thursday, Dec. 2: Troops submit ACH Adjustment Form (if needed).
  • Sunday, Dec. 5: Rewards close at 11:59 p.m.
  • Thursday, Dec. 9: ACH Sweep.
  • By Monday, Dec. 13: Submit any delinquent paperwork.
  • Jan. 2022: Rewards will be delivered to service units.
  • End of Jan. 2022: Deadline to report reward shortages/errors. No merchandise rewards will be available after this date.
Resources & Links for Product Sellers

Resources for Product Sellers

Find important dates, forms, training resources, and more! 

Personal Online Sales Sites

Available Oct. 1!

How it Works

There are two ways that girls can offer MagNut products to friends and family, and she can have fun creating her avatar and managing her store!

Check out these 4 Steps to selling online to get started!

1. Online via the M2 platform

The mobile-friendly platform makes it easy for fun and easy for girls and troops to participate!

Girls and their leaders will have fun creating their unique avatar that looks just like them. Girls can even earn their own avatar patch!

Girls send emails to friends and family to purchase nuts/candy and magazines online. Customers will have the option of paying by credit card and having the girl deliver their nuts and candy (limited to items on the order card) or having them shipped directly to them.

Customers can also support Operation: Sweet Appreciation and send a treat to the military.

2. In Person

Take the traditional route and help your Girl Scout connect with her customers in person in your neighborhood or with friends and family.

Help her print out her personalized business cards to leave for those customers who want to browse the magazine selections online or want to order items not on the order card.

Product Offerings

Customers can choose from a variety of great snacks that are perfect for gifts or just to enjoy in person!

Customers can purchase 16 yummy treats on the in-person nut order form, or from an expanded online line-up and have it shipped directly to them. View the product line-up. Coming Fall 2021!

Program Benefits

Five Skills and Online Learning
Like the Cookie Program, the MagNut Program helps girls to develop five skills they'll use throughout their lives, including goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics

Girls also learn online business skills by setting up their own personalized online sales sites, promoting it to family and friends, and tracking their goals online. 

Troop Proceeds
Troops receive 15 percent of all sales. Junior level troops and above can opt-out of individual recognitions to earn an additional 5 percent in proceeds. 

Cookie Crossover Bonus Proceeds
More information coming soon!

FUNd Bucks
More information coming soon!

  • FUNd Bucks can be used as payment for council-sponsored programs, camps, Service Unit Day Camps, purchases at GSWPA Shops, Camp Trading Posts, and annual Girl Scout membership.
  • FUNd Bucks are not doubled for camp.
  • No change will be given, and FUNd Bucks will not be replaced if lost.

Girl Scout Bucks and Recognitions
Girls can earn fun Recognitions or can opt for Girl Scout Bucks that may be used for GSWPA camps and programs, service unit-sponsored day camps, Council Shops and Girl Scout registration fees. Girl Scout Bucks earned through Magnut DOUBLE in value when used toward GSWPA-sponsored camps. View the 2020 girl recognition selections in the 2020 MagNut Program Family Guide. 

Personalized Avatar Patch
NEW! This year your avatar can be in her Girl Scout uniform sitting in a kayak or on a hammock. Earn this avatar patch by sending 15 emails, selling 4 magazines and selling a total of 25 nut/candy items in-person or online. Patches will be sent directly to you once earned.


Personalized Cookie Crossover Patch
Earn this fun avatar by sending 15 emails during the MagNut program and selling 250 boxes of cookies during the 2021 Cookie program. Your personalized patch will be sent directly to you in late Spring.

Super Seller Status
In addition to earned recognitions, any girl who sells $1,000+ during the MagNut program will also receive an invitation to the exclusive Super Seller Event on Sunday, June 6, 2021! This year's event will be an interactive mystery themed dinner, the Museum Masquerade Gala, at the Chadwick in Wexford, PA.

Operation: Sweet Appreciation

Help GSWPA send Honey Roasted Peanuts to our military at-home and overseas by donating to Operation: Sweet Appreciation (and encouraging others to do the same).