MagNut - Fall Product Sale | Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania
Personalized Avatar Patch
Earn this avatar patch by creating an avatar, sending 18 emails, selling 4 magazines, and selling a total of 30 nut/candy items in-person or online. Patches will be sent directly to you once earned.
Personalized Cookie Crossover Patch
Earn this fun avatar by creating your avatar and sending 18+ emails during the MagNut program and selling 250 boxes of cookies during the 2022 Cookie program. Your personalized patch will be sent directly to you in late Spring.
Super Seller Status
In addition to earned recognitions, any girl who sells $1,000+ during the MagNut program will also receive an invitation to the exclusive Super Seller Event. Stay tuned for details.
Help Girl Scouts send MagNut treats to our military at home and overseas by donating to  Operation: Sweet Appreciation  (and encouraging others to do the same) through Nov. 27.
You voted, and the name of our 2022 MagNut Mascot, the Hawaiian monk seal, is Mohala! (Hawaiian for “to unfold as flower petals; blossoming, and opening up.”) Congratulations to Brownie Ryleigh T. for submitting the winning name! Welcome to the Girl Scout family, Mohala!